Monday, February 14, 2005


I had lunch then a nap and I am feeling better!

We have a TV in our room and I have been able to get Animal Planet 24hrs a is kind of weird though because every show I have watch so far is about the the MOST EXTREME ANIMAL KILLERS!!! or some such theme where they do a review of the top ten most deadly animals on the planet. I was kinda hoping for something along the lines of "Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom" guess those days are over.

Although to this point Puri has been the one place I have visited that I would not return to - there is one upside - the hotel restaurant does provide some pretty tasty much consolation, but hey you have to focus on the positive.

I went for a walk on the beach this morning as the sun rose. It was neat to see Indian families on the beach - how different from the Western beach scene in Goa. The women would walk in just a little bit, but they would be fully clothed in a sari or salwar kameez (sp?) pant suit. The men would strip down to a lungi (Indian sarong for men) or wear shorts. Kids could run around in their underwear. I noticed that the vendors that were on the beach were being very chill - no high pressure sales tactics here.

Once they got wet the women would gather together and take turns changing their complete outfits while their friends/relations held up towels to maintain their modesty.

It was quite pleasant except for having to dodge the steaming turds people left all over the beach!

After dinner tonight I am going to go book train tickets to Kolkata and then to Varnassi and back.

My dad is not feeling really well so he is going to move our flight back to LA to early March. I will go back with him as far as LA and his wife will pick him up at the airport in Toronto.

I will use the extra time in the US to do some backpacking in CA and possibly in AZ & TX depending on how much time I have.

Unfortunately this means there is no possibility of meeting up with "The" Jenn in Sri Lanka...=-(

On the upside I will be sitting down to a plate of delicious tacos sooner than I expected and the fantasticality of that cannot be overstated!


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