Monday, February 21, 2005

Wonderful madness

I had dinner at my hotel last night - the food was not fantastic, but I had a funny conversation with the same guy who was on about Bengali supperiority earlier. He wanted to know if I was single and when he found out I was - he suggested I move to India. Even went as far as saying he would help me settle down here and find a told him that was very kind offer, but I would have to think about it a bit.

He mentioned that he was happy because everyone in the world idolized India - his proof was that so many tourists come here. He asked me what I thought of India so far, but before I could answer he gave me four choices 1) good 2) great 3) excellent 4) chose excellent and he seemed satisfied with that...=-)

I met another guy who would not tell me his nationality - he was on about some alternative way of communicating that broke through normal boundaries, yadda , yadda, yadda...I tried to talk to him, but he just went around in circles not actually saying anything. Nice, but a little cracked.

The ghats are really cool with so much activity. It is a little crazy at times, but the whole places throbs with vitality. I haven't been too far today as I am a lazy I plan on getting up early tomorrow and walking to the crematory ghats for sunrise. Luckily the view from my hotel's terrace is quite stunning so even when I am being lazy I can still take in quite a lot of what is going on.

I hope everyone at home had a good long weekend! Happy birthday Lair...=-)

I miss everyone, but I do not miss the cold!


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