Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ask the experts

Jo-Ann and Jeff Posted by Hello

Planning a trip to the other side of the planet is a lot easier these days with the help of the internet. There are so many travelogues available online it is almost mind boggling and google will let you know about every guidebook that could possibly be of use. Want to know the precise weather conditions in Bangalore at the moment? - no problem! In fact I would almost have to say there is too much information at hand, sometimes it is conflicting and you just don't know who is right.

I generally trust information from people's personal websites, but since you don't know the people it is hard to tell if they are over cautious or under cautious. Maybe they are poorly informed or easy to get irritated. All of which will colour their experience traveling. Additionally, travel information that is out of date by a year or perhaps many years, may no longer accurately reflect your destination.

I am really lucky because my good friends Jo-Ann (3 months in India) and Jeff (3 weeks in India) just returned from India. I have been able to ask them all sorts of obscure and inane questions, and look at their fabulous pictures. Having just been in India it is like getting the ultimate guidebook update. Although it is a bit expensive I highly recommend sending friends to your destination in advance of your trip so you can get the most up to date information. Jo-Ann (bless her soul) was even willing to accompany me on my trip as a tour guide for free - well as long as I paid for her plane ticket and traveling expenses. That is a true friend indeed. Not only did these two stalwart adventurers successfully navigate the challenges of Mother India, Jeff also proposed at the Taj Mahal at dawn - and perhaps more importantly Jo-Ann accepted! Congratulations!

Check out Jo-Ann's blog (She was in India Sep/Oct/Nov 2004).


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