Friday, January 07, 2005

Time Travel

Well by my watch it is 21:30hrs 7 Jan Calgary time, but I think the local time here in Singapore is 12:30hrs 8 Jan. I have no idea - how long I have been flying, but it feels like forever. On the brightside Singapore Airlines - rocks! Big seats, wide isles, great entertainment, good food and fantastic service. I have zero complaints about the flights so far. I need to kill 6hrs here and then about 4hrs in the air and I will be in Kolkata.

I am stoked to be on the move, but I would kill for a shower and 5hrs horizontal!

Well I am off to find some noodles - I have a craving to satisfy!

Oh ya - I met a cool guy next to me on the plane over. Tom is a registered nurse from CO USA heading to Mysore for 3 months with Patabis Jois (sp?) doing ashtanga. I think I will pass through Mysore in Feb to see how he is doing and check out the yoga school.




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