Sunday, January 16, 2005


Well I finally made it to Goa and so far things have gone well. The train was pretty slick and much nicer than the one from Kolkata. The AC was on all night which I didn't love, but they provided blankets so I was not cold. I met a couple Aussie girls on the train who were fun to chat with - it has been a while since I had a long conversation in English! I also met a Canadian - Mike from TO. He got off the train with me and we grabbed a taxi to Anjuna. The hotel I booked from Mumbai turned out to be very nice and since we are sharing it my cost is only $175 Rs/night. Anjuna has been a blast so far - pretty girls, sun, surf and yummy food - not to mention it is at least 30 degs here.

We took a long walk down the beach and I bought some fisherman's pants & a cotton sheet to lay on the beach as well as for yoga. Tonight we are going to hit a night club and check out some psy action. Just about every place we have been has been playing psy. The funny thing is there does not seem to be that many people here at the moment - not sure if it is the Tsunami or some other reason. The place is way less crazy than I had imagined.

Tomorrow I have a rough day of lying on the beach planned as well as eating some more curry and having a fresh squeezed juice or two. I also want to see if I can track down some info on any parties happening while I am here.


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Check out the market on Wednesday in Anjuna (from Lonely Planet)

January 16, 2005 at 8:12 PM  

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