Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Kolkata Redux

Wow - I just had the best afternoon going all over town with Hindol a co-worker of Sundar's. He was released from work as my tour guide and he took me out for lunch and some wandering around the city. When I get back from travelling he is going to take me out for some more Indian food and we will be hitting up a hindi film and nightclub - I can't wait.

Lunch was a yummy chicken biryani that cost a whopping 45RS or $0.90USD. I have been breaking all the hygiene rules on this trip so far (drinking tap water, brushing my teeth with it, eating unpeeled fruits from street vendors) and I added a couple new ones to my list by drinking fruit juice from a street vendor and drinking untreated water at a restaurant. Will they be any tummy troubles - stay tuned and find out...=-)~

I visited New Market and checked out all the shopping possibilities - besides some textiles I don't think I will be buying a lot of stuff here.

BTW - checked the weather report in today's newspaper and it said no rain for yesterday even though it poured all night...lol...it is good to know weathermen get it wrong even when they are reporting the previous day's weather.

I have been taking my anti-malarial meds and had upset stomaches the first two days. Yesterday I was fine so I am hoping that my system is learning to deal with it. Having a queasy stomach for two hours everyday would not be fun.

Sundar's boss just let me know that it was quite impossible for me to train around India on the train by myself. I would have to deal with cabs and get hotels on my own - far too much for me to cope with. He insisted that I sign on with an organized tour that would take me around the country. I had to press the fact that I would be just fine and I wanted to set my own schedule. Not to mention I really wasn't going to 75% of the tourist hot spots in India (a la Taj Mahal, Delhi, etc...) He finally gave in with a sigh that said "...you'll be sorry...." People are being super nice to me, but it is almost to the point of ridiculous.

Oh well I better jam - I have a deadly scooter ride back to Howrah in the dark to enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Vik!

i'm soooooo excited that you're on this crazy journey. it sounds fantasticly enlightening, full of possibility

i'll be reading with joy as you go

allan xo

January 11, 2005 at 2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Vik!!

Good to hear you are agdjuusting to the climate and breaking all your rules. We will be checking in on a regular basis so keep the posts coming. They definitely warm aour -40 days :)))))

Lots of love,

Ursula, Albert and Maxmillian

January 11, 2005 at 6:19 PM  

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