Friday, January 07, 2005

Singapore Sling

I am still in the Singapore Int'l airport - did I mention how great this place is? Free high speed internet, free lan games (Halo2 etc...), clean, modern waiting areas with super comfy seats....LAX could learn a thing or two from these guys.

The exchange rate is pretty good at 1.6 SD to the USD. Lot's of shopping, but nothing of interest to me - having a small backpack is a great way to save $$$ - there is no point buying something you have to carry around with you the whole time.

Ther best part though is that I have already had two separate meals! I had a BBQ noodle bowl at one place - yummy! And then went directly to another restaurant and had - papadams, veg biriyani, aloo gobi, two kinds of dahl (sp?). All of which was $7US w/ a drink. I tried to score some naan, but they didn't want to sell it a la carte - only with certain dinners???

One odd thing so far is that all the advertising aimed at women has used white western models even though the majority of the women around me are Indian or Asian - seems strange to me. Also all the signs are in the local language and English - most people at the airport speak English - making it quite painless to travel.

Well I have 4.5hrs till my flight - I think I will settle in for some Halo2.

So I ran into Tom - my flightmate yogi and he let me have shower in his airport hotel room. That was super nice since it cost him extra to add me to the room. I feel like million bucks and am super glad I packed some extra clothes in my carry on luggage. Well I can't complain about how this holiday is starting. Meeting a cool person off the bat sure put me in a great mood. I will definitley have to repay his kindness when I visit him in Mysore. It is great how yoga not only is good for your mind & body, but it connects you to wicked people all over the world.

Okay well I found out that the airport spa gives free 10mins massages to anyone with a boarding pass and they also have a wicked koi pond in the airport. So much to do!

Another round or exploration has uncovered a free movie theatre, an outdoor roof top garden, free wireless broadband access and Bombay Saphire is offering free martini tastings. If you ever have to have a long layover this is the airport to do it in. I think I may plan a two day layover on the way back so I have enough time to take in everything!


Blogger Samantha said...

Your comment about advertising made me laugh too - ever look at the models they have in advertising and media here versus the people on the street, especially Edmonton...ha ha

January 16, 2005 at 11:04 PM  

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