Saturday, January 22, 2005

In the groove

Wednesday night I headed to Nine Bar with Mike, three UK'ers (Chris, Rachel & Charlotte) and one French/Spanish guy named Dadu. The bar was insane they play full on psy really fast over a huge system for 3hrs to a crowd of about 500. At 10pm sharp the music stops (local by-law). So I danced like crazy until they shut things down.

Then we went to another bar to play pool until the party started at midnight. There were rumours the party may or may not happen so we went over to the Bamboo Forest (the location is exactly like it sounds) and the party had just started. The others are not huge psy fans so they decided to go somewhere else and drink till more people showed up. I have pretty much given up beer as not agreeing with me at the moment so I decided to stay with 50 or so people already at the party. The music was more full on psy - mixed reasonably well. I danced my butt off till 5am when I had to sit down and rest. It became apparent to me I was not getting my wind back so I just grabbed a cab home and went to sleep. The others had returned at 4am and stayed till well into the afternoon. I would like to tell you more about the location, but it was pitch dark and I left before sunrise so I didn't see much except for a few trees and the speakers!

Overall the party was a lot of fun and it was good to dance. My back had been sore from my stomach woes and it was finally feeling better Thursday. I got to use my hula hoop and flags at the party - which was cool. On the downside people were not very friendly and the music was quite repetitious throughout the night. I kept thinking "....hey you already played that track..." Young men and boys came around the dance floor all night trying to sell water and snacks, which was convenient when you wanted something and a drag when you didn't.

I have to say that the more I see of parties outside of Calgary the more impressed I am with the Calgary scene (particularly the psy parties). I will likely hit up a party on the full moon. Other than that I am taking things quite slow and getting to bed early every night.

I am really enjoying the beach while listening to music from the beach shacks. My favourite time is from 3 to 6pm because the sun isn't so deadly and I can watch the sunset before walking back to town.

My stomach is doing well, but I still have not got my appetite back fully.

Melanie asked about the place I am staying. It is called the Anjuna Beach Resort. However, it isn't really near the beach and it isn't really a resort. It is a small complex of three buildings with about 20 rooms. It is clean and bright. The only downside is the bathrooms are cool and dark so the mosquitoes congregate there waiting for us. They have a small restaurant and they will do your laundry if you like. I am paying 350Rs a night and sharing it with Mike. We could get cheaper rooms in town, but not nearly as nice. Since my share is 175Rs ($3.50USD) I am cool with it. I is also a nice 30mins walk to the far end of the beach, which is perfect for me to get some exercise. My room not only comes with a bed, but it features complimentary frogs (who live in the bathroom walls and come out at night), lizards, ants and of course mosquitoes - it is a complete eco-system in there.

I have decided to stay here till next Friday and then I will head to Palolem (southern Goa) for a week. After that Hampi for a week, Mysore for a week, Varnassi for a week and then back to Kolkata for 1 March. I will see what my Dad is up to and want to head to Darjeeling for a week and maybe Puri for a week. By then it will be just about time t o fly home.

Well I am off to book some train tickets and hit the beach for sunset.


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