Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Got crabs???

I sure do! I love hanging out in the surf and watching all the many varieties of crabs do their thing. It is like having your own 360 deg 3D discovery channel! The only thing missing is the narrator's voice telling you all the useful factoids about these cool little guys.

One strange thing is that I have found several larger crabs (3-4" and the same type) on the beach just outside the surf each day. They are alive and apparently uninjured, but they barely move and don't try and defend themselves or run away. I don't know what is up with them. If they stay like that they will either die because of the heat/drying out or because a bird will eat them. I have tried putting them in the water, but they don't react and stay all stoned - weird.

I have also been doing some research on flies. India doesn't have a ton of flies, but definitely more than you would deal with on a patio in Calgary. Anyway I obviously don't want them in my food so I have been observing how they react to being shooed away. It seems one shoo just makes them evade, but they are still locked on to the target of my food. They seem to be saying it easier to evade and come back to my food than to go elsewhere. So I put forward the theory that multiple shooing attempts rapidly one after the other may make the fly figure it wasn't worth the energy to land on my food and get the fly to move away and start his food acquisition subroutine all over again.

So far my findings are that about 4 shoos seem to do this about 75% of the time. This tactic is only useful if there is another source of food nearby and the people there don't shoo the fly away multiple times like I am doing. I am not 100% sure that my theory is correct, but I will continue with collecting empirical evidence. If anyone at home with a fast internet connection can add any useful info to how flies deal with locating food and dealing with being shooed away send it to me.

I have been reading books here like mad. So far I have read:
- 1 science fiction book
- 1 fantasy book
- 1 WWII spy novel
- 1 science book about Darwinism/evolution and genes
- 1 fictional humorous travel book

I am currently reading the da vinci code. I had read some terrible reviews from literary critics so I didn't buy the book, but I found a free copy here so I figured I would see for myself - so far it is not fantastic, but not bad either. I have a copy of gabriel marquez's love in the time of cholera in my pack for the trip to Hampi and I found a copy of the LOTR's two towers. I wasn't going to bother with it at first because I couldn't find the rest of the books in the series, but I later decided it was most likely my favourite part of the story so why not.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Palolem and I have many little things to do so I am ready to leave for Hampi on Friday.


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