Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another sunset

I just watched another beautiful sunset in Anjuna!

Today is an Indian national holiday so many things are closed. I went to the flea market and had a look around I wanted 2 things, but one was ridiculously over priced and the other I couldn't find. I did end up buying some devil sticks for $8USD. I will leave my hula hoop here with someone. It was fun to have, but even a travel hoop is kind of big to lug around. The devil sticks are much more portable.

One funny thing I have noticed at the flea market is that the vendors didn't hassle me even 30% as much as the white tourists. I am quite brown now and my clothes are a little grubby as I don't have many and I wash them my self in the room sink. I have also the mastered the slow head shake that says..."...don't even bother..." It is quite effective!

There was another daytime hilltop party so I went and danced for 6 hrs. It wasn't nearly as good as the Sunday party, but still alot of fun and I got see a bunch of familiar faces.

Now I am going to get my stuff together and then go to bed early.

Tomorrow I have to hit the post office and mail back all the stuff I bought here.


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