Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Coast to Coast

I was talking with my Dad today and his health is not great. I think the pollution in Kolkata is exacerbating whatever health issues he is already experiencing. He has decided to go to Puri - a beach town on the East coast 600kms from Kolkata and asked me if I would join him. So instead of going to Hampi tomorrow I will make my way right across the country (again!) and try and get to Puri by Monday or so. - will defintely be another long train ride(s).

I think this will mean that Hampi & Mysore are not going to happen. I am doubtful I will cross the country once again to get to them, but it is possible. I think I will redirect myself up into the mountains North of Kolkata to see Darjeeling and possibly Manali. I will still make it to Varnassi as that was one of my prime objectives aside from Goa.

I guess I will just have to see how things are when I leave Puri and make some plans from there.

I found a Mexican restaurant in Palolem - as much as I would enjoy some Baja food I just can't bring myself to try their Indian interpretation of Mexican food - go ahead call me a culinary coward - I can take it!...=-)~

Oh ya I almost forgot the da vinci code is a terrible book. Give it a wide berth and definitely don't pay for a copy. I almost want to sue the author and publisher for the time I wasted on maybe that is going too far! I am on to the LOTR so no worries about a good read there.

I have to go do some laundry and figure out how I get to Puri from here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your father. I hope that you enjoy yourself on the coast.

I have just found out that I am heading to Sri Lanka in two weeks for a few months...any chance of meeting up with you somewhere?

Best of luck getting to Puri,

Jenn - 'the'

February 3, 2005 at 11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? Cool. Actually someone just told me (mind you it was the kooky brit) that the North of India was under snow. If that is true there is no way I going to there. Getting away from snow is precisely the reason I am in India in the first place!

Just let me know all your details and what you are doing there so we can work something out. If you are very busy I might just drop by for a few days - if you have lot's of free time I would into a longer visit.

Would you be able to see what the visa requirements are? If I can get one upon arrival or in Kolkata it should be okay. If it is more difficult than that I might have a problem.



February 3, 2005 at 11:07 PM  

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