Thursday, February 03, 2005

Not so fast there mister!

I have been getting along quite well in India, figuring out how much to pay for stuff, how to bargain, what to expect and such. But just when you think you know what is going on India reminds you she isn't that easy!

I went to book my tickets to Puri yesterday and found all the trains were booked till around 24 Feb. Since I am paying in rupees I can't try and get some of the tourist quota seats they save for foreign travelers. After puzzling it out I found that I could get to Puri on 12 Feb if I went via Margao, Hampi, Bangalore, Chennai & Bubaneshwar!!! It is a bit of a long trip, but it means I get 3 days in Hampi which is rad and I might be able to get to Mysore for a day - still trying to figure that out.

You really have to stay flexible here. If you need to do certain thing s in a specific order at precise times - you'll get an ulcer!

I am going to stay in Palolem one extra day and then take a cab to the train station in Chaudi at 4am. I will take two trains and be in Hampi by 4pm - a short train ride by Indian standards.

I had breakfast today with a Brit that is convinced the Tsunami was not caused by an undersea earthquake. He believes there was a nuclear detonation that caused it and the movement of the plates was a result of the nuke. I couldn't understand if he meant the explosion was a) a planned nuclear bomb test, b) an accidental nuclear bomb explosion of some sort c)a nuclear reactor exploding or d) somehow the result of dumping nuclear waste into the ocean. He seemed to be talking about all of them and when I said "...wouldn't there be a lot of radiation we could detect?..." He closed the discussion by very emphatically saying.."...Exactly!!!.." was very entertaining. Let me know if you hear anything about this possibility.


Blogger Tom said...

Hey Vik, glad to see you surviving your trip.

I have it on "good" auhority that it was actually UFO activity that caused the Tsunami.

Mind you this is also the same group of people that insist Paul McCartney was secretly killed by the FBI and CIA and replaced with an RCMP officer and CIA agent in 1960 for refusing to promote illegal drug use.

Which thinking of it might actually explain Paul McCartney and Wings...

Seriously though... the amount of energy released in a 9.0 earthquake is somewhere around the equivilant of 32,000 *megatons* of TNT.

I think its safe to say the earthquake was probably a natural event.

Cheers man.

February 5, 2005 at 5:20 PM  

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